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More than Networking

Today, let's recreate your office journey to make something exciting happen! Something great, out of your daily schedule where you meet nobody new.

Team colleagues are great, truly but let's look around and see who else you could have known.

You may have crossed paths with people in your office building but never had the chance to talk to them? You're deeply passionate about singing, cooking, dancing? Or you just want to give a boost to your career and seek advice in your industry or another?

Well, that's possible with b2lunch. We help you create the opportunity to show how great you are to business men and women around you. There are endless possibilities but only you have the choice to make that real.

So seize your chance and create that particular moment at lunch or coffee time!

For work, for fun and much more.

Dynamic 80%
Plan your meetup daily. See professionals available up to one day ahead and check even at the last minute.

Realtime 85%
Once you got invited by someone, accept instantly and enter in a real-time chat to decide where you want to meet.

Location based 90%
See quickly who is around your office area or filter by district. Don't worry, we are not saving or sharing your location history.

Secure 100%
Your privacy is important to us, with our app your data are safe and protected. Our servers are based in the United States and follow US security requirements.

Simple & Smart.





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  • Intra company networking
  • Exclusive HR features
  • Decrease your turnover rate
  • Top-Down info sharing
  • Boost company culture
  • Retain talents
  • Daily Support

The team

Stephane Ho Sik

IT & AI expert

Adrien de Courval


James Lam

Marketing officer

Guillaume Huet

Special advisor Innovation front-runner
@ Société Générale
  • " This app is awesome, I've met several colleagues from other departments I never thought to eat with ! "

    Louise Duke - Financial Analyst
  • " I was getting fed up with the hassle of setting up lunches with friends. Luckily I've now found b2lunch which brings real-time avalaible people for lunch. It gives me all the power and flexibility I could want. "

    Elizabeth Atkinson - Regional Manager
  • " The number of people available in b2lunch has made it my favourite meeting app. I've already used it for a number of casual meetups - all of which have been great with interesting meetings. "

    Toby Whittaker - Designer

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